Covid-19 Requirements

Enfield Life Saving Club (ELSC) is committed to ensuring that all members and volunteers can actively participate at our club meets in a safe environment and that personal health and wellbeing is a priority for all of us. ELSC will ensure that we communicate regularly to our members with the most current information available from NSW Health and Burwood Council to ensure the safety of all members utilising the pool facilities. A copy of ELSC’s NSW Government Covid-19 Safety Plan is available on the ELSC website and at the ELSC check in point on pool deck

When can we start training?

Saturday, 30 October 2021.

How many members are allowed at training and what will the scope of training be?

Until further notice we will be conducting skills training and swim fitness only, so as to prevent physical contact. Member numbers will be restricted to a maximum of 50 for the season.

Will members be excluded if they are feeling unwell?

Yes. Anyone who is feeling unwell or has a temperature should NOT turn up to training.  Any member who does turn up to training  feeling unwell, will be sent home immediately

Will we require proof of vaccination?

Yes.  Enfield Aquatic Centre will require proof of vaccination at point of entry.

ELSC will also check for proof of double vaccination (or a valid exemption). This will happen once only on the first time you attend training for the season.  Only the following three forms of evidence of vaccination (or medical exemption) will be accepted:

  • A COVID-19 digital certificate displayed through the Medicare App, Service NSW App or equivalent smartphone wallet.
  • Printed version of the COVID-19 digital certificate or immunisation history statement.
  • Successful completion of a Service NSW QR check-in that includes vaccination confirmation.

Will we require QR check in or record the names and contact details of people entering the venue?

Yes.  Members will check in on entry to Enfield Aquatic Centre and again at ELSC pool deck check in.  Check in will be by:

  • QR code on a member’s phone; or
  • In the event a member is unable to check in by phone, we will have a physical sign in sheet.

A Covid Safety officer has been appointed to oversee check in requirements.

Will there be a COVID-19 Safety Officer? Who is it and what is the role?

Yes, ELSC has appointed a COVID-19 Safety Officer. For the first half of the season, the COVID-19 Safety Officer will be Andrew Pearce and this position will be voted at the AGM on 13/10/21. The role of the COVID Safe Officer is to oversee implementation of the ELSC Covid-19 Safety Plan and communicate with members about Covid Safe behaviours and our vaccination requirements.

Will there be hand sanitizer at the pool?

Yes, hand sanitizer and wipes will be available during the ELSC sessions on pool deck. These must be discarded appropriately in the bins on pool deck.

Will the change rooms be available?

It is recommended that ELSC members do not use the change rooms at the pool. Members should turn up in appropriate attire for training and then leave as soon as possible afterwards.  If use of the facilities is unavoidable, members are required to follow Enfield Aquatic Centre directions regarding use of these facilities.

How strict do we need to be on the social distancing measures?

We are required to implement the 1.5m physical distancing measures on pool deck (unless you are members of the same household) at all times during training.  Training in the pool will be conducted in separate areas of the 50m pool for juniors and seniors and members are required to follow the Coach and Covid Safety Officer’s instructions in this respect.

Whilst the COVID Safety Officer is responsible for the implementation of the guidelines and ensuring that physical distancing is maintained, ALL members are responsible for practicing physical distancing.

 Can we get around not being able to share drink bottles or other equipment?

No. Water bottles cannot be shared at any time. Each member must have their own drink bottle. ELSC will introduce drink breaks to ensure that each player can rehydrate from their personal bottle. With regards to personal equipment such as fins and goggles, these items cannot be shared

What do we do if a member of our club tests positive to COVID 19 and has been at the pool?

Any case of COVID-19 must be notified to the Department of Health immediately – 1800 020 080.